What is Trance Healing?

What is Trance Healing?

Trance healing shares many of the qualities of Reiki and Spiritual Healing but the main difference is in the conscious state of the healer. Healing guides then blend energy with the healer and move forward to perform the energy transfer rather than the energy being channelled through the healer.

As a trance healer and medium Tracy works in a variety of altered state of awareness and is able to control between light and deep trance work.

In a lighter state of awareness she allows her guides to work through her on an energy level. Most clients lie down and Tracy is sat on a seat behind gently placing her hands on the clients head only. This is an energy blending experience working on subtle energy fields which we know influences matter. Sessions last 40 mins and Tracy is in a level of awareness that enables her to be aware of what is happening around her.

There are many differing and individual experiences that clients share after sessions including:

Pain reduction
Feeling of profound calmness
A deeper connection with all that is.
Clarity of thinking
Spiritual reconnection
Increased feeling of self awareness
Feeling more balanced
Feelings of being able to let go and move on

Tracy is also able to work in deeper trance states where her level of awareness is much lower to her environment. This ability evolved from sitting under seance conditions and has links to her Physical Mediumship Development.
Previous experiences from clients have included channelled messages from higher frequency beings, transfiguration and healing experiences. In relation to her Shamanic Work Tracy has also been instrumental in the removal of Tsentsak, which are invisible pathogenic projectiles or magical darts utilized in indigenous and mestizo shamanic practices for the purposes of sorcery and healing throughout much the Amazon Basin.

All Deep trance sessions must have a sitter/witness present due to the fact that Tracy is in a Deep Trance State. This is to allow for confirmation of the experience but the good news is that on many occasions both witness and client have received healing experiences themselves. Please note it is your responsibility to bring your witness with you and Tracy will not work without one.

There is much controversy and spiritual politics around this type of work in the UK but yet it is highly acceptable in South American cultures. This is a specialised area of Tracys work and you are advised to contact her directly for sessions.

Light Trance Healing and Deep Trance Healing Somerset Peru

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