Psychospiritual Counselling both Online and Face to Face in Weston Super Mare and Somerset

In this area I work with a wide variety of people from those who are in the terminal stages of illness, to others struggling to accept the self, and to those who are deeper on their own journey of self awareness and wishing to expand their wisdom more. We work together with whatever you bring me that you feel is important to you and I will use all my skills and knowledge to journey with you, to help you find peace and clarity.

These are the traditional views on the Psychospiritual Approach:

The psychospiritual approach combines both traditional psychological theories of human evolution and a spiritual approach to support and empower the individual on their particular journey.

This spiritual approach recognizes and accesses higher consciousness, or higher self using tools such as meditation, imagery, sound, metaphor, visualization, self awareness, and reflective mindfulness, all of which are used in the pursuit of deepening of understanding. While traditional psychotherapy works towards a greater understanding of the self, the psychospiritual works towards a greater understanding of the self in the context of the greater whole and understanding wider connections through relationship.

Psychospiritual healing is an integrated approach taking into account body, mind, emotions and spirit. It also embraces the concept that the body is able to heal itself, and move into a state of balance when given the right circumstances.

What we believe defines our reality experience. To change the experience we have to change our beliefs whilst simultaneously recognising our world is full of mystery and ambiguity.

As a Psychotherapist in this field I also cover such issues as duality verse non duality, manifestation (conscious and unconscious) connectedness, dreams, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, service to self verses service to others, compassion, kundalini, wisdom, the duality of egoic behaviour, surrender, the role of intuition, self acceptance, self awareness, light worker disillusionment, managing change, working in altered states, spiritual crises and deep shadow work involved in self acceptance.

This is often the place where we meet the truest expression of the self.


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