Psychic Readings, Internet Readings,Group Party Readings and Energetic Disturbances in your Home around Weston Super Mare and Somerset

The Psychic Arena – On an energetic level we are all linked and it is through this link that I can be shown certain information about you or those around you. My strongest ability is Clairsentience and this gives me the ability to feel what you or others are feeling on an emotional level. On top of this I see Clairvoyant images or “scenes” of information that are related to you or others. This may involve images of your life in the present or the past. I do not personally work in the area of futuristic information unless I am specifically given this information because it is directly relevant to where you are now. There are multiple reasons for me working with this viewpoint.

The main reason being related to the concept of freewill. In an energetic world we have a say in how we create our own future through thoughts, actions and intended lessons that we are here to experience. Innately we have a desire to know and to be able to control the future and this is not always to our higher spiritual benefit.

My role in spiritual readings is for support and guidance through present and past issues, to bring certain areas of your life to the forefront of your perception to enable you to move through them with greater ease. I have a role in creating self awareness and I am well known for my “Say it how it is” attitude. This comes with love and compassion and a deep sense of respect and honesty. Often in life we are the last to see our stumbling blocks and we can repeat behaviours and still expect different outcomes each time. I am here to bring light to your actions, and to give you clarity about why you are doing this.

In readings, the energetic presences of your loved ones or guides may come and share information with you, they will be aware of your situation and they can offer you guidance by presenting a deeper aspect of your situation. They may bring you information that will help you realise they are still with you. Often their presence is an emotional event.

Of course many people may come for psychic readings purely to seek information from loved ones that have passed but I cannot guarantee they will come when you ask for them. There will be reasons for this, perhaps it is not the right time for them to come either from their end or yours and expectations can create pain if they are not met. What I can say is that if they need to come they will and whatever information you receive will be exactly what you need to hear at this time. It may not be what you want… but it will be what you need.

It is for this reason that I work confidentially. I do not work with you with others present in the room not even if you request it. This is because information is intended solely for you and your path and from that, you may make the choice to share this information with others or not.

Within my role as a Psychic medium I also have the ability to transfigure. This means that in some cases the spirit energy of the person who has passed can imprint the features of their face over mine. It appears as a superimposed holographic image. This means that you will see the image of the spirit who is talking to you. This has been a shock to some people who have worked with me face to face so it is for this reason that I warn you this may happen. It predominantly happens to people who are in a more advanced state of spiritual and self awareness.

Code of Ethics for Psychic Readings. Professional Conduct.

I will remain at all times professional with you with both the information I share and how it is shared with you.

Some people can become too dependant on readings and this can have an effect of disempowerment. If I feel your requests for readings are becoming too frequent I will discuss this with you directly.

I will not contact to you to put pressure on you for future readings with me.

I have an ethical responsibility to empower you and for you to take responsibility for decisions and actions that will improve the quality of your life.

I will share information with you honestly and this will come within a non judgemental and compassionate framework.

I do not provide Psychic readings for people between the ages of 16 and 18 unless they are deemed fully capable of understanding the implications of receiving such information. Some children are now able to consent to medical treatments as long as they are able to understand fully the implications of their decisions. This is called informed consent, and I operate by these guidelines. If they are, in my opinion, aware and understand then I can gain informed consent and thus I will read for them.

I do not work with children under the age of 16 in the arena of psychic readings. I have many years of experience of working with children and it is with this experience that I base my ethical boundaries.

In cases where a legal guardian is concerned about specific spiritual activity around a child I will investigate the causes and give relevant advice and treatment where necessary.

My right to refuse a reading.

In some cases I reserve the right not to give you a psychic reading. This also includes refusing to answer certain questions that may arise in the reading especially if you are asking about third parties or information where legal and criminal investigations are ongoing. In such cases I will however work with police investigations where requested directly by them.

Under no circumstances do I tolerate rude or aggressive behaviour towards me, I look forward to meeting you and providing you with my psychic readings.


Psychic Readings in Weston Super Mare and Somerset

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