Testimonials for Psychic Readings, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Shamanic Energy Practitioner Treatments in Somerset and Peru

“I was lucky to spend a lot of time with Tracy in Peru, both in the city and also a couple weeks in the jungle. She has become a good friend and respected teacher for me. One who is very heart centered, but also focused and direct. Her ability to manage energy and to receive and interpret frequencies from multiple levels of reality is very advanced. I respect her and I am grateful for the guidance she has given me and I feel her heart behind everything she does.” Steve Witte.

“I met Tracy through a good friend of mine as he recommended I have a reiki session with her. I’ve had reiki before a couple of times so I’m familiar it.

The only way I can explain what a session with Tracy is like is that you end up totally relaxed and a whole lot lighter in your being.

When I had my first session with Tracy I was introduced to a much more powerful and focused energy than any thing I had felt before.

I guess what I was after from her was help,as I felt quite lost and didn’t have any sense of where I was heading.

We had a chat and she started relaying information that she would not have known about feelings and situations from my past, and delivered advice on how to leave all that weight in the past and not drag it into my future.

My journey then, and every time is a deep, moving, educational and powerful experience. Tracy has helped me find the calm through the every day business that is my over active mind and beneath it all find the real me, the energy that makes me. With the help and guidance of Tracy, I have managed to move past a lot of my weight, and to become clearer in my mind….. And I couldn’t be happier!

I would recommend to any one who feels they want to find peace, knowledge or whatever it may be from what ever situation it may be to get in touch as I have never felt so good”

With many thanks Tracy,
See you soon,


“Tracy provided me deep and powerful insights about myself and my relationships that I can put to use immediately. That is what I call actionable intelligence.

Interestingly there was some information that did not make sense in the beginning but after some observation and re-examination, it made sense.

I highly recommend Tracy for any psychic reading that you need to help answer questions.”
Nalin K.

“The reading from Tracy really helped me make sense of the confusing feelings that were going on inside of me. In a really tough time that without her I may have spiralled further down, the information she was able to give me helped me to work with my troubles and to see what I needed to do to improve myself both spiritually and mentally.

The information was exactly right in everyway even pointing out things that I knew were going on inside of me but had not recognised before. The fact that I was half way across the world, with the reading only done by email, it was just as spot on as any other time.

It is something that I now view as a highly useful and almost essential source of self help as well as simply to understand life and myself in a clearer way Anyone no matter how sorted they feel they are could definitely benefit greatly from one of these readings.

I trust Tracy’s readings fully and can assure anyone that they will not be disappointed if they choose to look into the work that she is doing”.
Lorna W

At my request, Tracy Wilcox provided a reading for me on October 5, 2009. I had no idea what to expect, so I simply allowed that whatever she would receive would be for my best and highest good and that of her own development.

She covered nine separate insights ranging from health, personality traits, possible directions for future growth, (including vocational interests) and relationship issues. Of these nine insights, every single one was on point and resonated fully with me. One insight in particular made no sense to her, but struck a much deeper chord in me. Tracy shows much promise in the area of intuitive healing and in giving overall assessment readings. I greatly appreciate the work that she has helped me to refocus on and look forward to seeing her practice grow as she shares her gifts with others.

Again, Namaste Tracy, and many thanks to you.
Jordan M

I have known Tracy for around six years and on various occasions over this time she has worked very closely with me and given me a lot of Spiritual guidance on balancing relationships (between family, friends and partners), Clairsentience, Energies and Energy Feelings, Intuition, Guides, Earth Consciousness and Higher Consciousness, The Ego, Chakras and Meditation. She has done this confidentially with a non judgemental approach which has let me reflect on my thoughts, feelings and situations in a safe environment. Tracy has also given me a very accurate Tarot Reading which has helped me understand and clarify direction in my life. I have also had several Reiki sessions with her, each one has been different and for what I needed at the time. She has always given me feed back after and she has given me time to talk about anything that has come up. Tracy is professional and easy going. She is patient and completely accepting. She approaches every thing with pure love and selflessness. She can be brutally honest and truthful but gentle which is very refreshing! I have always felt like I can trust her and be open with her and because of this I am going to be working towards my Reiki 1 attunement with her.
Ali L

Hello every one! I have known Tracy Wilcox for about a year and a half now, too bad she never knew me at all lol, well not until last October 2009. I have been following Tracy’s work ever since she have joined our group in Facebook which was House Cleansing for Unwanted Spirits, her experiences were astounding, and her advice to those people that were having paranormal troubles at home were remarkably helpful!
I’m a spiritual medium myself, there was one time that a mother of two children came to me and asked for help, there were lots of paranormal activity going on in their house, I have sensed some few open portals in every floor of their house… it was very chaotic! Every member of the family were stressing including the 4 years old and the eight year old kids. I do give evidence about the life after death, but this case was too much for me to handle then, and for some reason, the first person that came in my mind to ask for help was Tracy Wilcox! I was very hesitant to write her and spread my problem on her plate out of the blue but I thought I should give it a try as I was desperate to help this family. I was so pleased as she responded so quick! She did distant healing to that family and she distantly scanned the family’s house, she told me what kind of spirit was exactly mithering the family and who was the spirit was focusing on, I’ve told the mother what Tracy told me and all that Tracy has said was true. Tracy did sense that the spirit that was coming in and out of the portal in the kitchen was a male spirit, an earthbound, I got the name of the guy, and it turned out to be the mother’s late friend who have fancied her for a long time and have passed away few years ago. Tracy taught me how to help the family and how to deal with the spirits around that house and so I did, it wasn’t easy dealing with upset spirits but with Tracy’s help I’ve managed. Tracy didn’t just help that family but she also has helped me learn and understand a lot of things about paranormal matters.
Thank you so much Tracy and I really wish you all the best and lots of strength that you will need on dealing with the paranormal and also by helping the people that are having troubles paranormally speaking. Now, that family are all in peace and happy, I couldn’t have done it without you…. God Bless Tracy and good luck!! Namaste.
Jane Baker

“While experiencing a Healing Crises and my ‘Dark night of the soul’, even though I am a healer/spiritual intuitive, I found myself temporarily unable to view my own experience with clarity and really needed some assistance. I asked Tracy for advice and assistance. Her knowledge and expertise in healing modalities blew me away and her precise ‘recall’ of my past experiences and the clarity in which she was able to piece it together to discover my internal ‘blocks’ was a huge help to me. I highly recommend Tracy as both a healer and a psychic not to mention a valuable friend to have during your ascension processes.”

Leanne Schreyenberg

The day the Universe brought Tracy into my life I knew instinctively what I was accepting, I would not fully realize for months after and that has come to be true!
I will publish the full account of what happened in my experience (which Tracy was instrumental on my website) but summarize for the purpose of this writing. I am a fairly well-skilled healer and clarivoyant but knew I would need assistance and insight when working doing a house clearing. I have participated in these before and feel very confident in my ability but this was a particularly big challenge as there were many entities occupying the same space and there was no common link between them.
The main entity had progressed to the point of a full poltergeist and the family living in the home had dealt with the entities for a good deal of time and were in a literal prison of what they were allowed to do in their own home. Children were not sleeping in their own beds but would wind up in their parent’s room by the end of the night. When I first contacted Tracy and told her of the situation she immediately began helping me to understand the nature and history of the “main” entity in the home and possible dialogue to use based on his reason for not going on the journey to the other side and possible strategies.

She somehow understood I needed this experience for my own learning and empowered me to forge ahead knowing what I may be in for. What I appreciated most about Tracy is her absolute candor in that when dealing with these energies you must be clear and full of unconditional love where you will remain protected as you work. As I continued I saw the being begin to play with me. I considered myself fairly “fool proof” and I really hadn’t taken Tracy seriously when she said something to the effect that if I couldn’t overcome my anger towards this entity I should get someone else to do the clearing. That really caused me to stop and think about what I was really doing and the reason why – my ego had taken over somewhat, she was right.

Tracy continued to “arm-chair quarterback” the operation and after three weeks and two full-on attempts over 20 earthbound spirits were crossed! The main entity, Joseph was possibly the biggest blessing I have ever found in mediumship because he showed me so many unhealed emotions I needed to work on and I will be forever grateful. I am happy to say that Joseph has agreed to help us in working with other situations like this one when there are many trapped spirits needing direction and understanding.

Tracy is definitely a catalyst for helping find truth and highest vibration and purpose if you are willing to step outside the comfort zone, understanding that we as being represent not only this lifetime and its baggage. She is very professional, caring and is extremely brilliant and I hope to continue working with Tracy as her time allows as she has a very busy practice and this is only a small part of what she is experienced in. The full account of the clearing Tracy helped me with will be at singingstonessacredhealing.com website. Love & Light,
Shelley Baisch

I have known Tracy for a little while now, during a conversation whilst dog walking she suggested I give hypnotherapy a try to help me cope with my insomnia and stress. She explained clearly how your mind works and why I reacted to things the way I do, I have been having a combined treatment of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and reiki healing. These sessions have empowered me to take a little more control over my life, to stay calm, sleep better and also to realise that some things I cannot change so not to worry and stress about them. I now sleep 100% better, I still occasionally struggle to sleep but Tracy’s always there on cd every night to talk me through to a goodnights sleep. I have bought a 2nd cd and now encourage my 7yr old son to listen to it every night too. I always look forward to my sessions with Tracy and leave feeling stronger, more at peace with myself and ready to take on what ever life throws at me.

Thank you for helping me change the way I think!
Jam (Jan 2011)

I was looking for some therapy to help me with my anxiety and depression. Previously, I had received some cognitive behavioural therapy, but still felt that I wasn’t able to fully deal with my negative thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy has decreased my anxiety and allowed me to manage it. My depression eased as I gained self-confidence and an inner strength I did not have before. I was amazed at how easily and quickly hypnotherapy started to help. I feel more in control, calmer and as a result,happier!

Tracy Wilcox has a patient, friendly and caring manner, which allowed me to quickly trust her to help me change my life. Thanks Tracy!

Lucy March 2011

What I enjoyed the most was how at ease I felt from the beginning with Tracy. From minute one I felt welcome and although I was a bit aprehensive as to how the day was going to go those feelings dissipated as soon as I got there. It is very easy to communicate with Tracy.

I found Tracy’s style of teaching quite informal which suited me well. The course flows better this way I thought and the athmosphere is light and very friendly although firmly professional. I felt that I could say whatever about me and my life that not for one second I would be judged by Tracy. Quite the contrary, I felt that the more I let out the more guidance and undestanding I would obtain.

I found the provided manual quite complete and loaded with information. It still is next to my bed and every now and then I go through it’s pages.

I regard Tracy as a highly inteligent person who takes her job very seriously and has a genuine willingness to help people achieve a true Mind, Body and Spirit Wellbeing as per her business slogan.

The course didn’t change my life overnigth but it definitely changed my mindset as to how I see life and many of Tracy’s words of guidance still remain in my memory.

In addition I feel that I’ve made a good friend in in the process.

Level One Reiki Attunement May 2011

The session with Tracy was immensely helpful and I felt very at ease in her company having never had a reading before. I felt very welcome at her home and she guided me through beforehand what would happen in the session. The reading itself really helped me to get some perspective on life and I found the things that Tracy said to be in tune with what is going on in my life. She didn’t make any big claims and I came away feeling a lot better than when I arrived.
Samantha Sept 2011

My wife and I had the great good fortune of meeting Tracy at a festive event we all attended. I’m a little backward in coming forward so I tend to sit and people watch. I’m not particularly sensitive, especially in a crowded room full of various energies and jollification, but Tracy stood out like a beacon. Her presence is immense which belies her small stature!
I didn’t actually get the opportunity to talk with Tracy until the following day, as brief a chat as it was, I walked away thinking that this was a person from who I could learn and instinctively felt comfortable in her presence – this doesn’t happen to me very often, so when it does I sit up and pay attention.

Over the ensuing months our paths have crossed several times, though I certainly can’t proclaim to ‘know’ Tracy she has earned both my trust and respect for the professional that she is. Each conversation reveals yet another talent, qualification or insight and is absolutely dedicated to her work.

Last year my wife suffered a serious back injury at work, serious enough for her to be off for a couple of months, when she did return to work she was tasked with ‘light duties only’. Numerous Physio appointments, visits to the doctors topped up with copious amounts of pain killers served only to ‘mask’ the problem. Moving the clock forward 6 months, my wife now works in a hospital on the wards, she’s on feet all day. These 12 hour shifts were aggravating her back problem.

2 weeks ago at an event both Tracy and my wife attended, Tracy looked at my wife’s back and gave her ‘healing’, I am happy to report that my wife has suffered absolutely no back pain in the last 2 weeks!!

I have suffered with sciatica for well over 15 years. A mechanic for 8 years it got to the point where I was no longer able to do the job. I retrained and became Cisco qualified, so now I’m a desk jockey with, let’s face it, poor posture. Over the years, lest I should forget, the sciatica pops up to say ‘hello’, I have in one fashion or another always been able to ‘manage’ it, until recently that is……
If you have suffered with any form of back pain you’ll understand how drastically it effects everyday living doing everyday tasks, then when it starts to affect your sleep life really becomes challenge. Even the simplest tasks like depressing the clutch pedal when driving becomes a painful reminder or even trying to walk properly.

Giving up on the notion that perhaps I could sort this out myself I made an appointment with Tracy.

The consultation began with a discussion that revolved around the pain I had been experiencing , location and severity. It was at this point Tracy briefly outlined ‘back mechanics’ and how through that understanding she was able to accurately pinpoint the cause of the pain and more importantly, treatment. At this point I didn’t know what to expect, I had in my mind the thought that I was going to be contorted into all sorts of completely un-natural positions………I’m so glad to report for me that wasn’t the case. Instead Tracy asked if I had acupuncture before; well I had but only in my ears, though fun, I didn’t feel I got anything beneficial form the experience – so to be honest I was a little sceptical, but hey, in for a penny……..
So there I lay on the couch face down, in this lovely room that’s scented in a relaxing aroma, playing in the background some soothing bi-aural music – so I’m thinking, this is the pleasure so the acupuncture needles are going to be the pain. Well before I had realised it, or even noticed Tracy had applied that pads that contain the needles – honestly didn’t feel a thing much to my relief.

Tracy then gave me hands on “healing” , at this point you are in such a relaxed state you just want to sleep.

It struck me that what Tracy offers is quite unique, the healing she gives is a culmination of not just understanding the physical body, but the spiritual body to, as such the healing takes place on many different levels. I am happy to report that a good 90% of the pain is gone, in fact for the first night in what seems like an age I slept well.

Of course all this good work can easily be undone, Tracy showed me exercises that will help to stave off any future bouts and explained that stresses and strains in our lives often present as physical manifestations, so it follows that making the right changes can lead to a more fulfilling pain free life.

The advice Tracy gives is specific to you, further from my experience is backed up with ‘messages’ that seem to focus specifically on the issues that matter most. I was actually able to walk away without limping and drive home without pain.
January 2012

“We were looking forward to treating our staff to a Group Medium Reading Session with Tracy and we were all delighted with the evening. Tracy explained everything clearly and the excitement and anticipation from all of our friends and team was fantastic. One by one we went into our readings and each time we were amazed with Tracys Accurate accounts and readings.

2 of our friends were delighted as names of loved ones who had passed on were present and also we had a few strange things happening during the evening that were simply unexplainable but understandable due to our requests and environment. There used to be a Medium in Weston-super-Mare called Madam Tamar and it’s great to know that Weston once again has someone as good as Madam Tamar in Tracy Wilcox.

Most of the Group are looking forward to seeing Tracy again with private readings and we can’t thank her enough for such a brilliant night.”

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February 2012

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