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This is a overview of my skills and experiences and I hope it will help you understand a little about how I work.

Imagine a child that always had a vivid imagination, whose fondest memories are of playing in the woods sitting talking to the deer she saw. Able to read and write by aged 4, an only child content in her own company but had a wild streak of independence and objected strongly to rules. And so my story goes………….

Aged 7: Encounters with “imaginary friends” who I thought were “real” although unable to understand how they could just vanish. Frequently seeing energies and sensing other peoples moods. Feelings of looking at the stars and wanting to go back home. Intense connection with nature and anger at those who “hurt it!”

Aged 11: Convent educated and starting to rebel. Terrifying encounter with an energy in a farmhouse. Embarrassing moments of being seen to know things that I should not know at that age. Sharing intuitive information unknowingly.

Aged 14: Direct communication from spiritual energy appearing as a glowing woman that floated through a wall towards me whilst I stood alone in the grounds of the Convent at night.

Aged 18: Trained to be a Physiotherapist with a passion for Paediatric Neurology. “A” levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.

Aged 19: Higher intensity of Spiritual contact, physical phenomena emerging around me and being witnessed by others. Acute sensitivity to energy in buildings and people emerging.

Aged 21: Spontaneous Out of Body Experience. Dreamtime becoming more lucid and more easily influenced. Working as a Physiotherapist in a busy hospital multiple encounters with death and critical illnesses.

Aged 22: Undiagnosed illness but labelled Myalgic Encephalitis. Abnormal liver results, jaundice and depression. This time taught me much about Persisting Pain and how Mind influences Body. I was yet to understand the greater ramifications of that learning.

Aged 25: Life crisis year. Motherhood, husband concealing heroin dependency, traumatic divorce with physical and emotional abuse. First telepathic contact with “spiritual guides” saying my life was in danger. More physical phenomena including voices from empty rooms, televisions turning on and off to command and fear of the spiritual world at its most intense. Single parent with full time job as a Physiotherapist . Struggling to cope on many levels.

Aged 27: Car crash that I should not have survived, I somehow walked away from. Physically moderate injuries but left deep emotional scars.

Aged 30: Crisis Apparition. My grandma appeared at the end of my bed at the exact moment she died. Witnesses to the synchronicities that followed this event supported the story to the sceptics in my life. Big change in my perception. Beginning to realise that some things are just too strange to understand through mental analysis. Fear receding and curiosity expanding.

Aged 32: The penultimate Spiritual experience of being thrown across a room by non physical energy and witnessed by 8 people on an open viewing in a house that was for sale. This was the life changing event I needed and within 2 days I was in the local Spiritual Church Mediumship Development Group. Within 2months I left the Spiritual Church and I was sitting in a closed seance for Physical Mediumship Phenomena whilst simultaneously embarking on intense Psychic Development, Mental Mediumship and understanding wider concepts of healing. I had to one to one personal mentoring and still do.

Aged 32 to 35: Three years of self imposed solitude (except essential interaction). Shamanic journey starting. Intense desire for knowledge from Quantum Physics to aspects of Consciousness. Meditating for up to 4 hours a day. Intensely introspective and self aware. Self imposed disconnection from humanity due to extreme sensitivity to human emotions. Unable to tolerate large groups of people and their emotions. Trance Mediumship evolved into Rescue Mediumship, early transfiguration and a wider understanding of being both medium and sitter in physical development circles specifically in relation to energy transfer for phenomena. Mental Mediumship continued to grow in accuracy due to one to one mentoring and intense teaching combined with weekly healing sessions. Reiki attunement to level 2.

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Aged 36: Becoming increasingly unhappy with the NHS System as an employer. Unhappy at the system itself. Acknowledging that essential research needed for my professional clinical accountability is flawed. Research into The Pharmaceutical Industry began. Evidence does not include the effect of belief systems on Healing. Realising that Western medicine approaches illness through a reductionist paradigm not holistically. Questioning everything including repression of scientific research information on many levels. Playing a victim role in my own life yet too scared to move out of that paradigm of thinking. Starting to realise that the only person who could change my life was me. Deeply meditating on the purpose of life and feeling inner conflicts and frustrations.

Aged 38: Acupuncture training with continuing the need for knowledge on human energy systems, DNA, quantum energy and holographic realities. Clairvoyance starting to show me human energy systems when working with clients. Life synchronicities and awareness ramping up, learning to manifest consciously, mindful of my thoughts, my emotions and working more in expanded states of awareness. Early Trance Healing abilities evolving. Moving away from the mainstream “New Age” healing techniques, working intuitively and trusting the outcomes through evaluating client progress. Linking visual clairvoyant images to clients perception of own emotional states. Seeing the bigger picture. Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner Attunement. Sitting weekly for Physical Mediumship Development in the cabinet, including deep trance states, transfiguration under red light and communication. Supporting a relative during physical death and understanding the process from an energy level.

Aged 39: Healing Insights was born. I left the NHS as a Paediatric Neuro Physiotherapist with a concrete plan of future training needed. Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Qualifications followed. Post Graduate training in Treating Addictions and Psychoneuroimmunology. Passions and experiences heading into Shamanic Energy work, Soul Retrieval work and Mentoring others through Psycho Spiritual Crises.

Aged 41: Working and running a busy business, balancing work against quality of life. Mentoring in excess of 30 people worldwide with a daily client caseload. Finding peace through gratitude. Spending up to 5 hours a day in expanded states working with energy. Working at festivals and local healing events yet staying out of the mainstream spiritual movements and belief systems. Living my life intuitively where work became my passion. Deep personal transformation including letting go of old beliefs, personal detoxification journey, loss of interest in judging the self and others combined with feelings of deep connection. Food and Western Medicine intolerances becoming more pronounced especially gluten, food preservatives and everyday over the counter “medicines”.

Aged 41 to 44: Emerging as a Shamanic Practitioner. Clients reporting deep transformation through Trance Healing. Some stating they feel that my hands are inside them. The vast majority who refer for stress management experience new perspectives whilst experiencing calmness. Those with deeper levels of awareness are experiencing my energy in dreamtime and through astral experiences. Continuing with Physical Mediumship Development.

Healing Insights in the UK was temporarily put on hold when I was head hunted to work in Peru by a Transcultural Psychiatrist and Shaman for 3 months. Here I spent 6 weeks in Lima working with a client with a complex personality disorder and 6 weeks in the Peruvian jungle working with Plant Medicine and an Indigenous Shaman, who I continue to work with. This opportunity continued to expand on previous knowledge of deep shadow work and understanding wider healing concepts. Privileged enough to be called a “Shaman” by other “Shamans” I hold minimal attachment to that label seeing it merely as a pointer for my passions. My learning will never end.

With Love

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