Diving Into The Unknown

Diving into the unknown. A journey through Self awareness, Human Behaviour and Acceptance of the Self through Egoic Transparency.

There is duality in the ego in such that it has both negative and positive unconscious “thoughts” and behavioural traits. Initially it can be seen to be working both for you and against you simultaneously and effectively mirroring back your unconscious thoughts until through your own self awareness of these thoughts, you perhaps accept that you are the co creator of your own reality experience. Without self awareness you effectively become the manifestor of what arises within you unconsciously.

This is often perceived painfully by the negative polarity of the ego as it tries to defend itself against some perceived threat to itself, and outward behavioural reactions are unconscious in reply. Such behavourial responses are deeply unconscious, pre programmed and influenced by our own unconscious beliefs learnt from peers, family and other influences on our life. We accept them as normal, but mostly we accept them because we are unconscious of them. So much of our behaviour and thoughts are below our level of awareness to them, this is not wrong, it is what it is, and for those who wish to become self aware…… the journey is a unique one.

On the flip side, self awareness of both your own thoughts and subsequent reality experience can propel you into conscious manifestation and this is where you can recruit self awareness, combine it with positive polarity ego and have the ride of life…consciously and in full acceptance of your role as a co creator.

The acceptance of the self I feel comes from transparency and transcendance of belief systems around duality. The perception of what is right and wrong, what we have been conditioned to be, how that makes us feel and the ultimate modifications of our own belief systems into creating a state of mind and being that is more aligned with energetic harmony. Harmony is found through conflict when using your self awareness as a tool. Negative ego will fight, demand, expect, manipulate, play victim, abuse, and go to extreme lengths to full fill its sense of self. At this stage in a complex world of quantum possibilities your reality experience reflection is intense and remember mostly unconscious. To change your perceptions of what is right and wrong will help you see the reflection through awareness of your emotional response to duality itself. Be the observer of it, accept it as what it is, stay out of its drama are not your thoughts or even your behaviours. Own them as your role as a co creator but do not engage in the energetic games played on your multi dimensional self when the negatively polarised ego is running the show at that time.

The negatively polarised ego has strong emotional links, it highjacks clarity, calmness, intuition, and spirals mind into chaos and then more unconscious behaviour emerges. In a world of quantum connection, others become facilitators of helping you accept who are if you see the signs. If you see that who you are is neither right or wrong, it just is and if you choose, you can tame your negatively polarised ego in non reaction as there is no threat to the self. The positively polarised ego feels there is no threat as it does not recognise the self as a seperate being, and it is energetically akin to higher “vibrational energetic frequencies”.

Here begins the neurobiological state of inner calm, of both unconscious and conscious minds working powerfully together. One to keep the physical safe for the journey of experience and one to facilitate this through acceptance of the self and duality amongst other things. Here we embrace personal transformation, we dive into the unknown and manifestation becomes rapid and hard hitting. The life experiences become even more polarised and so we learn to again tame the re emerging negatively polarised ego because all this personal freedom must put us in threat …surely….and so it spirals out with more unconscious behaviour.

This time we know because we rapidly accept that our external reality has gone into chaos again so we look at how we are thinking, how are we behaving, what are we threatened by this time. Be ware of the need to over analyse situations… it doesnt help but through awareness calmness returns and we modify our beliefs frequently. We move and shape shift rapidly through emotional states. We become observers of human behaviour, we depersonalise events but mostly we gain experience in manifestation. Manifesting into the unknown whilst being connected to all that is. Life really is a ride………………..

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