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The background sound includes gentle birdsong and embedded subliminal heart beat sounds at 72 beats per minute. The entire length of the track is designed to promote generalised relaxation with the frequency of music rising and falling as your awareness follows it inducing calmness. This is to facilitate a mind body heart link. My voice gently superimposed over this allows you to attend to words, phrases and specific metaphors to provide a safe environment to review how you behave and how you perceive yourself. All downloads include references to confidence, mindfulness of thoughts, calmness, problem solving and habitual behavioural responses.

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These hypnotherapy downloads contain some imperfections such as altered vocal volumes and misspoken words. This is intentional for two reasons. One is that it is not always essential to achieve a perfectly calm, relaxed state, but rather to integrate the ability to reframe to the imperfections we find in ourselves and our world whilst in a trance state . Also, we’re learning to address our internal reactions to these disturbances with compassion to the self which in turn influences our compassion around others. Secondly, a change in sound influences attention levels through a meditative state of expanded states of awareness and I am using this therapeutically.

Expanded states of awareness brain patterns are as follows starting with deep sleep to normal waking brain activity. I will be working with you mostly in Alpha frequencies with some people dipping into Theta, typically at around 6 to 12 Hz. The more you practice, the deeper you are likely to go and the more you integrate this calmness into your waking life. And remember clients previously have slept through sessions and have noticed behavioural changes in themselves!

Never underestimate the power of the unconscious mind and how it filters information!

Delta: 0.05–4 Hz
Delta brainwave patterns characterize slow wave sleep.

Theta: 4–8 Hz Normal deep sleep state.
Theta waves are produced between dreams, and represent an “interlude” between dreams. The waves tend to last 15–30 minutes between Rapid Eye Movement (REM) states.

Alpha: 8–12 Hz Typical dream state.
Alpha waves can be seen in persons watching movies or television narratives in which they are fully engrossed, mostly unaware of their surroundings.

Beta: 12–30 Hz
Beta waves correspond to normal conscious brain activity, ranging from calm and relaxed consciousness, to fight-or-flight panic.


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