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Tracy Wilcox.

Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Physiotherapist, Clairvoyant Trance Medium, Reiki Master Practitioner and Shamanic Energy Practitioner.

I specialise in combination of therapies where Hypnotherapy , Reiki , Psychotherapy , Shamanic Energy work , Psycho Spiritual Counselling and Acupuncture may be used together in treatment sessions. Treatments are in Weston-super-Mare and Somerset but I also offer selected online services.

Here are some of the top reasons that people come to see me for Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy:

Anxiety and stress related disorders, addictions, panic attacks, feelings of being out of control, fear and anger, poor decision making, confusion, demotivation, tiredness, lack of clarity, persisting pain and affiliated chronic disorders, destructive habits and thinking processes, stopping smoking and depression. Many people arrive having reached a point where the NHS system is saying they are unable to assist further.

I am happy to work with undiagnosed conditions.

There is an increase in people requesting appointments for proactive mental health management to enable them to learn to manage their emotional wellbeing as a life skill.

Despite being a Physiotherapist people who see me for purely physical issues are always looking for an alternative treatment option and have an awareness of the importance of the role of the mind in healing when making an appointment with me. Where applicable and if deemed clinically appropriate Acupuncture may be used in conjunction with other modalities.

For those who are on a healing path themselves I provide Reiki treatments and Attunements up to Master Practitioner Level. I am a Trance Healer and teach you to work intuitively. For this reason I do not run workshops, working individually or in pairs, rather focussing on nurturing your individual healing abilities.

I provide Intuitive Readings for people to promote self awareness and to bring clarity to the forefront of their mind.

By far the busiest area of my work is Psycho Spiritual Counselling , Trance Healing and Shamanic Energy Work. . As a natural trance and clairvoyant medium I have a long history of working in altered and expanded states of awareness. I have sat in Physical Mediumship seances, both in and out of cabinet and offer one to one closed sittings at my discretion.

I have been called many things from a Shaman, to a Psychic Surgeon but in truth I work with energy in physical and non physical realities. This is the place where change can occur beyond the perception of the conscious mind.

My shamanic background is multicultural and I have been privileged enough to work with South American Shamans and Transcultural Psychiatrists. I continue to travel to Peru regularly to work, expand knowledge and experiences.

For those who are serious about working with me I recommend you read this personal portfolio of my experiences before contacting me.

Know Thyself...Know Thy Therapist.

Personal Portfolio

All appointments are booked in advance. Unfortunately same day appointments are rarely available.

Feel free to download my Free Stress Management Hypnotherapy soundtrack. Why not listen to it as you go to sleep, as part of a new habit, every night for at least a month?

Thank you for reading. I honour your journey through life.

Tracy Wilcox. Grad.Dip.Phys. MCSP. SRP. GQHP, DHP,LNCP